Travel Survey Design            Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Travel Survey Design

All metropolitan transportation agencies need data regarding local travel patterns in order to accurately model travel behavior and predict the impact of potential infrastructure changes. The data are typically collected from households by asking each person to complete a diary or log of every location visited in a one- or two-day period, the mode of transportation used, and the reason for the trip.

Dr. Cheryl Stecher is a nationally recognized expert in the design and operation of such household travel surveys. She served as chair of the Travel Survey Methods Committee of the Transportation Research Board from 1996-98. Currently, she is co-chair of the International Steering Committee for Travel Survey Conferences and assisting with the planning of the 2004 conference in Costa Rica. For conference information, contact:

Example transportation survey design projects include:

  • Developed the overall sampling plan, Request for Proposal, and quality assurance program for the 2001-03 Southern California Association of Governments Post-Census Regional Travel Survey
  • Directed the design and data collection of household travel surveys in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas; southeast Michigan (Detroit area); Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Boston. Massachusetts
  • Member of a team conducting the National Cooperative Highway Research Project 8-37, which was charged with developing standards for the conduct of personal travel surveys. For an advance look at the proposed standards, see:

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Dr. Stecher directed a multi-organization team to evaluate the California’s regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) plans for conformity with new federal regulation. The study, which was conducted for the Research and Development Division of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), was published by the Transportation Research Board, and may be found at:

Dr. Stecher is also a member of team that will establish a regional ITS architecture for the Southern California Association of Governments starting in early fall, 2004.


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