Government has always been held accountable for the efficient and effective use of taxpayers’ dollars. However, the focus on measuring and reporting government performance has increased over the past decade. Dr. Cheryl Stecher has extensive experience in the identification of public sector performance measures and in the design of data systems to collect and report performance indicators.

Example projects include:
  • Managed the development and implementation of a statewide performance accountability data collection and reporting system for workforce preparation programs. The system matched participant records with unemployment insurance files to determine the employment status and earnings of program completers. Dr. Stecher received a commendation from the California State Senate for her work on this project.
  • The fourth year report of California’s Performance Based Accountability System may be found at:
  • Served as coach for nine Los Angeles County departments in their development of performance measures for the 2004-05 budget as part of a larger project to promote performance measurement across the County. Information about the Performance Counts! project may be found at: Counts.htm
  • Assisted in the design and development of a web-based performance measurement and evaluation system for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs in the City of Los Angeles. The system, called LA Performs!, provides graphical information about employment rates and individual program performance compared to City defined goals.



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